The Longest Lasting Hot Tub Cover. Period.

Environmentally Friendly Spa Covers

"CFC-free foam"-our foam manufacturing process uses steam rather than ozone-depleting freon agents thus protecting the ozone layer.


  • High insulating value (3" has 13.11 R factor)
  • Tapered foam; 3"-2", 4"-3", 5"-4", and 5"-4" Walk on with a 2lb density foam.
  • Foam inserts wrapped in a poly bag resulting in minimal water absorption.
  • Aluminum "C" channel runs the length of the fold for added support.
  • Durable marine grade top vinyl with U.V. and mold/mildew inhibitors
  • Vinyl laminated bottom materials
  • 4 safety straps meeting ASTM standards.
  • Reinforced handles
  • Standard 3" Skirt length